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We are pleased to announce that on December 31st, 2019, we reached an agreement with TELUS to acquire Gwaii Communications as part of their Mascon brand (TELUS’ cable operations). TELUS is well positioned to invest in technology and infrastructure that will enable future services and enhanced reliability for customers like you. We feel the time is right to transition our business for the benefit of our valued customers.   We thank you for your loyalty and for trusting in us for your TV and internet solutions. We have appreciated the opportunity to serve you and we are excited for Mascon to provide the next generation of communications and entertainment for our valued customers.   Below are responses to some of the FAQs for the acquisition:   What changes for customers today? Nothing. Gwaii Communications is here to support you. At this time all services, prices, bills, support hours and contact information remain the same. You do not need to take any action to keep receiving the same great Gwaii Communications services.   What does this change for customers in the future? As the transition moves along, notifications will be sent via email and social media channels. You can also visit Gwaii Communications website www.gwaiicomm.com to keep up to date. If you have any questions, please contact your Gwaii Communications Customer Support Representatives the same as you always have.   Will you continue offering the same products and services you do today? Our services are not changing, at this time. New customers can continue to order services in the areas we support.   Will the cost of my services change? No. For the foreseeable future, all products, services, prices and billing will remain the same. Any updates on service changes will be well advertised.   Will there be any disruption to my services? As the transition progresses, you will be notified of any changes to your services.   Will the way I contact Gwaii Communications change? No. For the foreseeable future, customers can continue to reach Gwaii Communications the same as they do today. Any updates on service changes will be well advertised. For general inquiries and support, please call 250.559.7777 or visit us online at www.gwaiicomm.com   Can I still upgrade or make changes to my Gwaii Communications services? Yes. You can always upgrade your current services, subscribe to new services and make changes to your account by contacting Gwaii Communications.   When will I have to switch to a TELUS or Mascon service? As the transition progresses, you will be notified of any changes to your services.   Where can I learn about what services TELUS or Mascon will offer in my community? As the transition progresses, updates on any TELUS or Mascon product and service availability will be advertised.   How do I get in touch with TELUS or Mascon if I want to discuss more details of the changes? Your best point of contact is still your Gwaii Communications Customer Support Team at 250.559.7777 or online at www.gwaiicomm.com   New Acquisitions Will TELUS be announcing new acquisitions in BC? We are not able to comment on any future TELUS plans.
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If you are one of our email clients, instructions to change your email password can be found here .
If you are one of our email customers, forwarding your email to another account can be done here. You can also cancel the forwarded email at anytime, using this link and delete the address that you had directed your email to be forwarded to.
If you are one of our email customers ( all except @mhtv.ca email ) , email set up information can be found here .

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Email setup instructions for @mhtv.ca can be found at the MHTV portal http://myacount.mhtv.ca
Wireless internet customers:
A quick fix is often found in a 'reboot' of the system network - unplug the power box and router, wait 30-60 seconds and plug them back in

You'll also want to test your wireless router. In the back of the router you will find a cable that connects the router to the power box. Unplug the cable at the router (leave it plugged in at the power box) and plug the cable into your laptop. If your laptop is getting internet without being plugged into the router, the problem is likely with your router.

Cable internet customers:
Is your modem getting power? Check that it is plugged into a power source.
If this didn't resolve the problem, please don't hesitate to contact us at billing@gwaiicomm.com
  If you are interested, here is a good read on internet troubleshooting tricks
Common reasons for slow internet speed include having multiple devices operating simultaneously on your home network. Downloads and uploads of large files or Windows updates can also slow down your internet speed. Viruses and spyware can slow down your speed by interfering with your system - make sure that you run regular virus, malware and spyware scans. Here is a good read on what might be happening when you are experiencing slow internet speed
If you are showing higher than usual bandwidth usage, you may wish to check the following: Does someone else have access to your wifi password? Have you installed or updated software or updated your operating system recently (ie: Windows can use up to 5GB of bandwidth for some of its updates)? Is anyone in your home 'streaming' (ie: Netflix) or playing online games? If you have multiple computers and devices (cell phones, tablets), consider shutting the power completely off, one device/computer at a time and monitor the bandwidth during the period that the device is off. If there is a significant drop in usage, you might want to run a virus and malware scan on that device.